You are worried that the weather will not spoil your wedding feast

Your older daughter is getting married in a month. They chose the fiance of the spring term ceremony, when nature beautifully flowers, and is already outside pleasant warmth. A daughter would like to have a wedding banquet in the garden of your house with her future husband. In the garden you have several bushes of garden lilors, which would make the festive atmosphere a pleasant atmosphere. Your daughter is a little worried about the weather. If it's clear, you don't have enough shade in the garden, where people can hide from the scorching sun. If the rainy sky is cloudy, your house is too small to accommodate all the wedding guests.
We have a tip for you
For demanding clients hobby markets, party tents are available on the market. It is a novelty of recent years, but it is very popular among customers. If we approached you, try them, and at the wedding feast you will have pleasant memories.