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Benefits of Online Assessment

Students in all walk of life have to be assessed after a certain period of time. The teachers use the results from the assessments to see if the students understand what they are being taught or not. The period between every assessment in most places is 3 months. The course instructors come up with the assessment. Some years back, assessment of students was done on printed exam questions with an answer sheet where the students answer. More and more schools have started to use online assessment. The use of this method has increased by a very huge amount. The reason for this is that online assessments have a lot of merits. It has merits for all parties involved. In this article you will find a lot of advantages of using online assessments

To start with, you should all the students that will be doing the online assessment will not be surprised by it. This is because most of the learning that take place these days is on computers. The kind of interface that the students use to do their online classes is the same as the one that they use for the online assessment. Choosing to give the students an assessment on physical papers is something that they are not used to. The chances that the students will get better results when they take an online assessment are higher.

The second benefit is that with online assessment, there will be reduced pressure to the administration. A lot of materials will have to be printed and distributed when the traditional assessment method is used. And then having to invigilate the exams then collect the answer sheet and ensure that they do to get lost.

The other benefit of online assessment is that the time taken to mark and issue result will be shorter. There are online assessment marking programs that the teacher can use to mark the answers. The online assessment takes as very shit time to complete marking all the answers. Also there will be no error in marking since it will be done uniformly by the online assessment marking program.

There s more security with online assessment. It is impossible for the question in the online assessment to be leaked. The reason for his high security is that they are locked in a folder that has been locked by a password. Also, every student that takes the online assessment will totally get their results back. Also, it’s not necessary to congregate all students just to take the online assessment in one place. one can be able to do the online assessment from a location of their choosing.

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