The boxes almost overwheled you

Before you can get your existing plastic envelopes wholesale, you have always been troubled by cardboard boxes in your warehouse. And now you don't want to say that you're not using any cardboard boxes anymore, not in any way, you still have them in the warehouse, but you're using them much less, and especially when there's no residual, because there are cases for which they are absolutely appropriate.
Now you always reach the better
Such cases include, for example, when your e-commerce customer orders a large number of goods, such as many pieces of poorly stocked textiles such as winter jackets. So on such types of goods are cardboard boxes, into which such a non-stocked jacket is stuffed, absolutely ideal. However, for all other cases, for example, when you need to send some small pieces of textiles or some printed matter, they are ideal postal plastic bags, because they are working much better, they are very well-stocked and almost nothing weighs, so You will save space in your warehouse, and you will also save a small amount of payment for postage.